Day 1 of GST in Mumbai: Traders still unclear, but business as usual for buyers

Day 1 of GST in Mumbai: Traders still unclear, but business as usual for buyers

The first day of the new tax system in India has witnessed confused merchants and Mumbai Accountants flooded with requests, but it was as usual for buyers.

The Center implemented the goods and services tax (GST) at midnight. The single tax system, known by many as India’s largest tax reform, seeks to unify multiple taxes across the country and stimulate economic growth. But the launch came with its problems.

Traders said they were unaware of the deal. “As it was just the beginning, there was a lot of confusion among traders. We addressed the problem with the government,” said Mohan Gurnani, president, Maharashtra Industry and Commerce (CAMIT).

While hotels and restaurants have switched to the new billing system Friday night, the owners of this new tax has no impact on tread Saturday. “We can feel the impact Monday because it is a weekend,” said Arvind Shetty, owner of Utsav hotel in Juhu.

The wholesale open-knit markets with little fanfare. Places like Mangaldas and Swadeshi market, traders recently went to protest against the GST strike, said the new tax would not help.

“There is a great misfortune among textile traders, as this will affect the health sector,” said Raichand Binakiya, coordinator of the joint action of textile trade. Under the GST, the price of textiles to increase by 8% to 10%.

Stainless steel utensils and markets fell. “There is no sale and even you are confused about this new tax,” said Sunil Parmar, owner of S Kantilal and Sons.
The counters were a bunch of buses Saturday. “Our customers wanted to know how to change the billing model, marketers have complained that their software has not been updated,” said Mukesh Panchal, the owner of an accounting firm.

However, the malls have a good deal, because many of them stayed open until midnight.

The State acknowledged that there was confusion but said it was equipped to deal with the situation. Rajiv Jalota, the Sales Tax Commissioner, which will not be Commissioner GST Maharashtra, said: “We are creating help lines and organizing seminars to make technical and technical details available.”

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis must inform public accountants and distributors at an event organized by the Institute of Public Accountants of India (ICAI) in Matunga Saturday evening.

What is the best way to crack the GATE exam?

To open the door, the most important things are:

You must believe in yourself!
You must have a deep interest in engineering!
You must have a burning desire to get there!
You must understand Hardwork> lucky (or IQ).
The Aptitude Test Engineer Diploma (GATE) is considered one of the most competitive exams after UPSC and JEE in India. It is used as a merit of admission to various master’s programs in ITI and NTI. As there are individual records for each discipline, competition is lower compared to JEE, but still intense as some PSUs (and other companies) recruit on the basis of GATE scores.

Contrary to popular opinion, GATE is a simple test. I see a lot of hype created by people training center and demotivated students who have already failed a lot of students every year. This is a sad thing when you know what the test is designed to really test.

The GATE test only: Are you a good engineer?

If your answer is yes, there is no reason to fear. Otherwise, get ready to work all this year to put the crazy efforts to learn the basics of all the basic courses. For example, for EE they are: Electrical Systems, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, and Analog Circuits, Digital Power Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Power Electronics, Mathematics, Engineering, Measuring Instruments and Electromagnetism. All the basic courses and the detailed program are available on the official website of the door.

It is not easy. And the GATE exam is not a joke. But I would say that you appreciate the process, if you focus on the right path: the goal of being a good engineer, and everything will be fine! People just score well in the door (or any other similar test) and loses focus on building technical skills in the process. The results are, of course, disturbing. If you point to a good career in engineering, you should be able to overcome many obstacles that come in the future and the door is just a small step in this journey, dear friend.

Anyway, here are some of the things that should guide you through the preparations:

Of course, all the learning and preparation of undergraduate engineering studies of 4 years weighs a lot to get the right foundations! Therefore, you might have already started preparing their college time without even realizing it.
Students generally prefer high score in each half and most often leaves poor roots each course. For second and third year students, no additional preparation is required. Just learn something beyond “pass their exams” or “score good grades” would be great! If one of the foundations is in place, it is much easier to perform well in the door.
If you are still in college, then do not forget to attend all classes in the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the semester. Because first that most teachers explain the basics and applications of the course offered.
If fundamentals are weak, the day spend an hour or two in the morning to understand the “concepts” or “how things really work” on any topic would be extremely helpful.
Have curiosity pay-off! There are many things they do not teach at university, but you need to know the interest. For example, how many electrical engineers know how a fluorescent lamp converts the stored energy of electrons into lighting?

How many engineers know the correct size of a key is used to change a flat tire with a spare part? How many electronic engineers open their own mobile phones? O How many computer engineers are opening their own lappy and upgrading RAM?
If you have the time and money, you can join the training centers. But hey, first of all, I do not think it takes to score points in this test. And on the other hand, you will write the test not! This is a personal opinion, by the way.
Study your own booklets or books you have already read for the preparation of 50 final semester exams. This saves a lot of time in examining questions.
Do not run behind to remember the formulas. If its concepts are through, you should be able to deduce the necessary formula in case of need. But yes, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic equations.
Ideally, one should start preparing a year in advance to understand the concepts. Detailed preparations can be managed in the last 4 to 6 months.
Tips for testing:

Stay calm. Meditate just before

India-Israel relationship is plateauing. Can PM Modi’ visit change this?

India-Israel relationship is plateauing. Can PM Modi’ visit change this?

Starting tomorrow, July 4, Prime Minister Modi will begin the first visit of an Indian prime minister in Israel. Although the commentary is eloquent about the relationship, it is important for us to have a reality check and we understand the micro-dynamics of marriage.

There are three main components of India’s cooperation with Israel that are supposed to have the potential to “revolutionize” the relationship – water, agriculture and defense.

Given India’s growing water problems and dire predictions of further precipitation decline in the coming decades, India-Israel water cooperation is obviously critical. Israel has gone from a state of water shortage with a large excess of water.

This allowed to see with the pioneers of desalination techniques. Okay, then – why India can not benefit from this? For several reasons. Firstly, desalination plants have the massive terrestrial footprint and bring in huge amounts of energy.

Given the number of problems affecting the acquisition of industrial land in India, there are limits to the amount of land that can be requisitioned for the construction of coastal desalination plants. In addition, the question remains how much energy the energy sector has already discovered that India can save for a desalination plant infrastructure to supplement the water needs of 1.3 billion Indians.

In other words, the water price structure in India is profoundly flawed, with 125 million liters wasted every day, whether for theft, poor piping, poor irrigation practices, high-intensity cropping crops, such as Sugarcane or increasingly informal ecological disaster of eucalyptus.

Then there is the issue of discharging desalination plants – dumping high levels of salt into the oceans – creating chaos in a coastal ecosystem that has been devastated by uncontrolled coastal fishing.

In fact, given the high cost, so that desalination has a realistic sense of India, India will have to solve a number of problems with political burden, including land, electricity, fishing and agriculture, something that no Government can afford to make it realistic.

The second area of ​​cooperation that the future is bright is Israel’s pioneering use of new irrigation techniques and agriculture that drastically reduces water consumption while increasing yield. The duplication of this model in India has several problems again a policy insoluble in nature.

First, the fact that while Israeli drip irrigators are not very expensive, they are not exactly cheap. They are designed for collective farming in Israeli kibbouté style, where purchasing power is significantly higher and crops for commercial purposes.

The land of India are widely used for cultivating land too small subsistence to justify the investment in these drip irrigators. Although they were miraculously to consolidate agriculture in the collective, the problem remains the transport infrastructure; Much of Indian cultures are reflected in transit due to the poor infrastructure of the farm to commercialization (67 million tons per year, the last digit).

Crops are equally important, as they not only offer high prices and like onion culture last year, these staple crops face the classic dilemma of economic poverty amidst plenty.

A particularly ruthless attempt to grow crops of higher added value, such as artichokes and asparagus in Jharkhand, by well-intentioned but clearly German nailed, did not come to anything, since the products can not be shipped in time for any market. Next, we face the challenge of inter-state water treaties.

#NotInMyName:’Protest against hatred, not any community’

#NotInMyName:’Protest against hatred, not any community’

MUMBAI: Amid a protest against the lynching of the crowd, including that of a 19-year-old Muslim boy now, last week, hundreds of Mumbaikars gathered and showed their solidarity with Carter Road, walking in Bandra on Wednesday challenging the forts Rain
While actor Mohommed Ali Shah led the protests in Mumbai, social activist Saira Shah Halim led the protests in Calcutta. Former vice chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University lieutenant general (retired) Zameer Uddin Shah supported the movement.

Mohommed Ali Shah told TOI: “I wanted to protest and support the people we are here today to protest against the murder of lynching and brutality on behalf of religion ..

Personally, I protested against killings in the name of religion, whether lynching the minority community or in general. “Not in my name” for me has a broader meaning. I condemn and protest, even murder that ISIS has done in the name of religion.

ISIS is not an Islamic group, but it is a simple terrorist group and terror has no religion. I am proud to say that with my other Mumbaikars, we have gotten a lot of support.

Despite heavy rains in Mumbai, people came in large numbers and chose to protest against the killing and lynching of their innocent fellow citizens. I consider it as a protest against the hatred and brutal murder of our brothers and sisters. ”

In a statement Friday, Zameer Uddin Shah, former Rector of the Muslim University of Aligarh, said it was encouraging “to see majority community support for minority siblings.”

I saw these events with concern for a while, but had not reacted as if it were in the “government service.” “I deliberately wrote my full name, because in the military, I am universally known as” Zoom “Shah. No one was talking about my religion.

It was a private business between me and my creator. We are a country of “salad”. I refer to India as a dish, because minorities are incorporated as components of a salad, but not assimilated.

In the salad, you can still identify carrots and cucumber peas. Similarly, minorities are proud to retain their religion, ethnicity, language and love important to their country.

It is time for the government to speak out against these atrocities and to reduce the damage. They should not let you escape from control. “The general is a veteran of the 1971 battle and Longewala multiple insoucitions afflicting our country.

Saira Shah Halim led the protests in Calcutta, where thousands of people came to support the cause. She said: “Today, I feel proud of our majority community and especially our country.

We stand together to show the world that the heinous crimes committed in our name do not represent us. There are rotten apples everywhere. We are not the crowd lynchers who commit communal violence on our behalf. Do not label us.

We are one, and therefore incidents like this and all those related to murder, rape or lynching are condemned and treated with severity, regardless of the community that does. This is not a struggle of one community in relation to the other, but a struggle to kill hatred.

Mumbai: Octroi fades into history

Mumbai: Octroi fades into history

The five nakas Mumbai Octroi are benchmarks for the financial capital of India. Moreover, they are the main revenue providers Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), one of the largest civil organizations in the country. As of July 1 Grant is part of the tax history, but these nakas verify that they remain a reminder of the past.

Huge queues along the control counters nakas Grant and the bustle would be a thing of the past, when the tax on goods and services (GST) came into force.

Octori was also a political issue in Mumbai and the one in power in society has ensured that they give more revenue to the company. In addition, there had also been reports of rampant corruption.

For BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta, it is now a major challenge in how to use these facilities – which cost about 7 billion rupees a year and employ more than 2,000 people.

These employees would be absorbed by other departments of the BMC. There are also other indirect jobs – porters and about 3,000 authorized and unlicensed agents. Concession took effect in Mumbai from April 1, 1964.

The five nakas awards – Bombay-Panvel Road, Eastern Express Road, Western Express Road, Mulund-Airoli Naka Airoli Road and Lalbahadur Shashtri Marg Naka Mulund would now be used For other purposes.

As for the volume of transactions, five Octori Nakas to the entry points of Mumbai, the extreme railway as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Dadar Terminus and Kurla Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in central train and Mumbai Central and Bandra west railway terminal and The port of Mumbai and Mumbai airport account for almost 30 000 tickets per day. This is around Rs 15 to Rs 20 crore per day.

“As soon as President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported the button that marked the GST procession, we stopped collecting Grant,” a leading source for the Mumbai collection concession, said the Deccan Herald. However, the Ministry will remain in operation for some time because it has to clear pending cases and litigation.

As for the use of these nakas, the municipal commissioners of 24 rooms were invited to give their contribution. What the BMC has in mind is the creation of a bus terminal, parking spaces or small business centers, authorities said the BMC.

Donald Trump urged to reconsider Paris Agreement withdrawal

Donald Trump urged to reconsider Paris Agreement withdrawal

The ten senators representing the United States at the 21st Conference of the Parties in 2015 urged President Donald Trump to reconsider and reverse his decision to withdraw from the historic agreement on climate change in Paris.

“More than 900 US companies support the maintenance of the United States in the Paris Agreement, including 20 companies Fortune 500 American companies need the United States government to negotiate to represent their interests,” have wrote the 10 Senators in a letter to Trump.

“His support for the Paris agreement shows that the agreement is really cheap for the United States.

We are ready to work with you and your administration to advance these important economic and environmental goals and, once again, urge you to reconsider and reverse your decision, “the senators said in the letter published yesterday.
The letter was signed by Sheldon Whitehouse, Tom Udall, Jeanne Shaheen, Jeff Merkley, Al Franken, Chris Coons, Brian Schatz, Ed Markey, and Cory Booker, including Senator Ben Cardin, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. .

In Paris, Trump said he was going to reverse his decision.
“Something could happen in connection with the Paris Agreement. Let’s see what happens,” Trump told a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

“And if that’s not the case, it’s going to be okay, but we’ll see what happens,” Trump said in response to a question, adding that it is being discussed Briefly the Paris Agreement.

Macron said that “he remains extremely attached to the frame of the Paris Agreement,” which was a major international success.
“It is in this context that I am working on priorities, including the European Union,” he said.

In their letter, the 10 senators said they would travel to Paris in 2015 to attend the 21st Conference of the Parties and to participate in the development of the Paris Agreement.
“We had the overwhelming appreciation and support of the international community for the leadership of the United States in achieving this historic achievement.

“As senators who have invested time and energy to advance US action on climate change, respectfully disagree with their decision to withdraw the United States since the Paris agreement,” have – they said.

“By reconsidering the decision, to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to leadership on climate change and to maintain the advantage of the US private sector in a changing global economy, we encourage you to use the various tools of clean energy export” United States first “to you,” the letter says.

Three Palestinian gunmen wound three Israelis before being shot dead

Three Palestinian gunmen wound three Israelis before being shot dead

Three Palestinians opened fire on Israelis near a holy site for major Jerusalem Friday, wounding three before fleeing into the holy compound where they were shot dead with security forces, police said.

The unusual battle took place inside a sacred hilltop of Jerusalem known to Jews as the Temple Mount and the Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. The complex is the holiest site for Judaism and the third holiest place in Islam, after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.

The site has been a flashpoint of violence in the past, causing friction with major Israeli-Palestinian violence, including a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation that lasted for several years.

Police said the site was cleared of people after the attack and will be closed by Friday prayers the highlight of Muslim religious week. It usually attracts tens of thousands of worshipers flocking to Israeli rice and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

This marked the third time since Israel captured East Jerusalem in the Middle East war since 1967 the authorities ordered the closure of the Muslim-run complex, said Ikrema Sabri, a leader of prayer at the holy place.

Police spokesman Luba Samri said the incident began early Friday morning near the Lion’s Gate, an entrance to the ancient walled city of Jerusalem. The mosque is located a few meters (m) from the lion’s door.

Ms Samri said the attackers opened fire on the Israelis and then fled into the compound. Police chased and killed the attackers, he said.

Amateur video transmission on Israeli television channels showed seconds of what appeared to be a clash between Israeli security forces and the attackers.

In the video, several people are only visible with dark characters in the images from a distance that circulates inside the complex. At one point, one of the figures fell to the ground. At another time, a cloud of smoke, perhaps the shot, was visible.

Two rifles, a pistol and a knife were found in the bodies of the attackers.

Police are investigating how the attackers approached the old city with guns. Strong security is in place in the region, especially on Friday and young Palestinians often stopped and checked by police.

It is the latest bloodshed in a wave of Palestinian attacks that broke out in 2015, partly at the holy site in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Palestinian attackers killed 43 Israelis, two Americans and a British tour of stabbings, shots and attacks on military or civilian buses.

During this period, Israeli forces killed more than 254 Palestinians, most of them reported that Israeli attackers, while others were killed in clashes.

Siddaramaiah orders probe into ‘special facilities’ for Sasikala in jail

Siddaramaiah orders probe into ‘special facilities’ for Sasikala in jail

BENGALURU: Karnataka Minister Siddaramaiah ordered Thursday a high-level investigation of the “special” facilities planned for the AIADMK secretary-general, taken to jail, in exchange for an alleged bribe came Rs 2 crore to officials of High rank of the prison department.

Recommended by British
Authorities should also have tolerated drug trafficking at Parappana Agrahara prison.

The Minister of Law of Karnataka, TB Jayachandra, requested a report from the Ministry of the Interior. The order of the probe is a letter presented by DIG (prisons) Roopa D for DGP (prisons) HN Sathyanarayana Rao.

Roopa claimed that Sasikala had received special kitchen and other facilities by the prison staff. The report Roopa, Rao challenged by the DGP itself provoked a war of words among the state’s top officials.

Roopa also alleged that Abdul Karim Telgi convicted in the stamp role scam, received as deputy assistants. The DIG also accused prison officials of not reviewing the flow of drugs in jail.

The DIG letter has also created a furore in neighboring Tamil Nadu with DMK and other opposition parties attacking the AIADMK government on the issue. BJP also joined, blaming Siddaramaiah, who holds the purse of the house, for the alleged poor state of prisons.

With the problem of snow making in the controversy, Siddaramaiah quickly entered the damage control mode. “We know that allegations in Bangalore central prison and strict measures will be taken against anyone found guilty of misconduct,” he said in Raichur.

However, he is not interested in knowing what would lead to the investigation or deadline for completion of the probe.
The letter from the DIG noted between the police and prison staff. Although some, including a former “powerful” IPS officer will be gathered behind Roopa and congratulated for raising the issue of alleged corruption in the prison service staff, in the medium term in the prison department has denied the Accusations and expressed his solidarity with Rao.

Some see the whole episode as a mere clash of personalities. “This is not a conflict of egos between the two senior officers who extend … and cause embarrassment for everyone,” a senior police officer said.

Petition submitted against Irom’s marriage

Petition submitted against Irom’s marriage

In the next 24 hours rights activist Irom Sharmila man filing the documents for his wedding with the sub-registration office here, a local activist filed a petition against it.

Ms. Sharmila and her British partner Desmond Coutinho sent the papers for their wedding at the sub-Wednesday registration office. A 30-day notice has been served since your marriage may be registered under the Special Marriage Act.

V. Mahendran, social activist Pethuparai, sent a request to the Deputy Secretary Thursday morning in protest against the marriage proposal Ms. Sharmila and asking the government to ban her permission.

“When I met Irom Sharmila Kodaikanal during his visit to Bodhi Zendo near Perumal Malai, he said that he had come to Kodaikanal to lead a peaceful life. I received then, because he was a renowned activist,” he said in the petition.

The sources said that M. Mahendran was one of the first to receive Ms. Sharmila and honored him with a shawl when she entered Kodaikanal.

However, he changed his mind after that, in a recent television interview, hinted that he would move his voice in support of the hill tribes.

In addition, his British girlfriend, Mr. Coutinho was responsible for a website committed to activists from around the world. M. Mahendran cited threats to peace in the Kodaikanal hills.

A tourist paradise

Many foreign and Indian tourists come to Kodaikanal to enjoy their holidays, as it offers a quiet, safe and quiet place. If the government gave permission for their marriage, they would definitely settle in Kodaikanal, said the activist.

Therefore, the Deputy Secretary should not grant permission for his marriage, taking into account the interest of the people and security of Kodaikanal, has insisted.

M. Mahendran said the Hindu who constantly monitored Ms. Sharmila would carry a charge to the police. If he sat on the street for tribal rights, it would become an international problem, he said.

Meanwhile, the police would have informed the registry officials of the intimate before authorizing their marriage.

Gangster’s death sparks violence, 1 dead

Gangster’s death sparks violence, 1 dead

An indefinite curfew was held on Thursday by the Sanvrad people in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, following the outbreak of large-scale violence in which one person was killed and 25 others injured.

Thousands of people gathered in the village to pay homage to GaNgStEr Anandpal Singh, who died in a meeting with the police on June 24

The situation in the area remains tense as protesters demanded a CBI investigation into the death of Anandpal.

Interior Minister Gulab Chand Kataria rejected the petition by saying that police had followed the Supreme Court’s instructions at the meeting for Malasar in Churu district and members of the gangsters’ family could go to court if they believed It was wrong.

Late Thursday, members of the Rajput community who had kept the body in an Anandpal freezer house for almost three weeks after the post-mortem agreed to cremer after the arrest of some leaders.

Police said the curfew relaxed Sanvrad for an hour to facilitate cremation.

Rajput leaders, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, Gūḍha Ranveer Singh and Sukhdev, who led the uprising in the village, were arrested with 200 people, while the leadership of Shri Rajput Sabha, Giriraj Singh and Mahipal Singh, were arrested in Jaipur.

Members of the community were asked to organize a march to the state capital.

During Wednesday’s violence, Haryana’s Lalchand Sharma died in the conflict between the police and the crowd of demonstrators.

The mob attacked the police with rocks, snatched weapons and set fire to a police vehicle.

Nine police and three civilians, seriously wounded, were admitted to the public hospital of Sawai Man Singh in Jaipur.

Hospital spokesman S. S. Yadav said two of the wounded were taken to the intensive care unit after surgery Thursday.

The government has banned Internet services in many parts of the districts of Nagaur, Churu, and Sikar Bikaner in order to prevent the spread of rumors in social networks.

Fake videos, messages and images have become viral in web applications since the Anandpal meeting.

The access roads State of the bus began to move in the Nagaur district on Thursday night after a two-day break, while the railways have canceled the Ratangarh-Sardarshahar train partially canceled the Jodhpur-Hisar train and deviated another three After protesters damaged the trail through Sanvrad.f