73 per cent Indians have trust in PM Modi’s government: Report

73 per cent Indians have trust in PM Modi’s government: Report

With 73% of people trusting the Narendra Modi government, India is one of the leading countries in terms of people who have more confidence in their government, according to an OEPD report.

According to the results of the OECD government report in 2017, which analyzes “the latest data on public administrations” in all countries, India ranks third in terms of “confidence in government” after Indonesia , Which ranks second with 79 percent of people’s confidence.

Switzerland, with 80% of people trusting in their government is holding the global index of countries that have the most confidence in their country, according to the report.

According to the report, the word “trust” can be defined as a “positive perception of the actions of an individual or organization.”

The report also notes that “positive perception” is largely determined “by a subjective assessment of individuals.” The report added that confidence in government can lead to government efficiency and “economic development.”

“Confidence in government has led to greater compliance with regulations and the tax system, facilitates social and political consensus, improves acceptance of policies that require short-term sacrifices by citizens, and mobilizes citizen participation for Enabling processes of open and inclusive governance “. saying.

About 30 percent. 100 people have confidence in the United States government, according to the report, as Earth’s Theresa May government in Britain enjoys 41 percent. 100 people.

South Korea, which has faced a major corruption scandal after the accusation of Prime Minister Park Geun-hye, has lost people’s trust and at the bottom of the packaging, with 25% of people having confidence In his government.

Greece, which has struggled with the economic crisis in years, is at the top of the chart, with 13% of people expressing confidence in their government, according to the report.

The report cited data collected by Gallup World Poll (GWP), which collects data from the perception surveys to measure the level of confidence each year in OECD countries.

Data are collected “on the basis of a proportional stratified probability sample” and a sample size of approximately 1,000 citizens in most countries is used for this purpose, according to the report.

He also cites the limitation of his research method in which data are measured on the basis of a single question of whether or not people have confidence in their national government but does not take any particular area of national government their field of research .

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