97% of cow vigilantes since 2009 struck during the Modi regime: Analysis

97% of cow vigilantes since 2009 struck during the Modi regime: Analysis

It is not a year, the Prime Minister had urged on Tapa-rakshaks (cow-watchers) in clear terms. He did it again last Thursday, but even if he spoke, a mob killed a man suspected of transporting the meat in Jharkhand, which is governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Obviously, it will take much longer than a condemnation from time to time to control the deadly fanatics of Hindu law. The reason is rooted animosity of these groups against the Muslims who are associated mainly with the consumption of beef.

Given that this bias has been instilled for decades by Sangh Parivar led by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), it will be futile to expect a change of heart during the night.

However, Narendra Modi should be commended for taking shots against them. No one, inside or outside the BJP would have done.

It is not impossible for his gauge punishment to pass an important part of the Parivar against him, damaging the electoral prospects of the BJP.

But Modi seems to have hesitated to follow a different path from that favored by the Saffron hardiards brotherhood. Although he wants to establish a “Rashtra” (nation) Hindu, while 1,200 years of “slavery” under the Muslims and the British ended, Modi wants to promote India as a modern country with a dynamic economy.

However, this goal can only be achieved if the country remains in the clutches of outlaw groups to lynch those who do not share their respect for the cow.

Given that Modi was able to check some of the excesses of Hindu fundamentalists such as the organization of ‘Ghar Wapsi’ – or the return of the Muslims to their ‘original’ Hindu faith – or to oppose interfaith marriages for their Propaganda “love jihad” it is possible that it could dominate the gauquins.

But unlike the other two “programs” fanatics, a monitoring of the cow will be much more difficult because their runaways refer to the cow, long since a symbol of Hinduism in the eyes of the faithful animals that Believe that it exhales oxygen and its urine has a therapeutic value.

An effort to restrict will be a real test for Modi, much more than the deployment of the tax on goods and services or invitation to invest abroad or the extension of genetically modified foods.

If he fails, there is no doubt that the halo surrounding his character will be significantly reduced not only between the bourgeois hashtag “Not in my name” of the urban middle class, but also among less privileged communities.

These include Dalits, who were alienated by the suicide of a brilliant young investigator in Hyderabad, the lynching of a group that crushes a cow in Gujarat and clashes with Thakurs to castanterie in Saharanpur, U.P.

On the other hand, if the prime minister succeeds – if only because the police will now be much more active in understanding the Hindu fanatics – the image of Modi will receive an extraordinary whipping stroke.

But even if it wins among people in general, the impact of gaukings restrict – one of them was compared to Bhagat Singh for a saffron sadhvi in ​​Rajasthan – the paralyzing parivaires remains uncertain.

Although RSS has warned Hindutva militants against taking the law, the reactions of the most bellicose Hindu World Council (VHP), Bajrang Dal and other groups such as Ram Sene, Hindu Seine Hindu and Mahasabha or may only be less restricted .

For them, any administrative action against the gauks-rakshaks is a betrayal of the Hindutva’s cause, which will bring the BJP Congress “sick” anti-Hindu, left anti-national and liberal.

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