This city never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday was a busy day, I had too many things in my career. I live in New Bombay. I do not have time to confront multiple trains at the Twitter office in Khar for an event where one of the panelists was.

I had just gotten halfway in a taxi when I heard a loud noise. There was a tractor-trailer on the road blocked diagonally and there was a heavily damaged car.

My driver asked me to stop the car a little more because I wanted to help the victims of the accident. Even before my driver and can not get out of our vehicles, twenty vehicles stopped and tried to help.

The car had been damaged, but people did not visibly scratch, but the mental trauma, they had suffered it would take some time to recover. Before I can bring one to one more than twenty vehicles stopped and extended the hand to help.

Three men have supported counseling and victims to the hospital. The others began to ensure that the vehicle gets up and is placed on the street corner, so do not block traffic.

It took a few seconds for people who are not in the habit of embarking on the occasion and take over. After placing the vehicle on the side, I got to the house while I was completely soaked. The same cabin mate left me at home, where I changed into something comfortable and left me at the twitter office.

I expected a great taxi bill, I received no cost. He refused to take my money, even though I have repeatedly insisted. When I asked a selfie, he refused to say “comfortable kaam ka nahi plays pradarshan”

. I insisted and told him I was going to encourage others to do good. He refused. I sought your permission to share the incident on Facebook. He reluctantly accepted.

That’s what I like in my city. He has a heart. I am not saying that in any case there were no negative cases. There were people who were stabbed to the Gateway of India.

This is the land of rape Shakti Mills. This is the same place where cases of rude taxi drivers have been recorded. I personally had a real bad case. However, the empathy and overall positivity beyond the rotten apples of the basket.

This is not the first time that compassion was confused with indifference, as a local Avid Mumbai fan, I noticed several positive cases. There was a time when I saw a woman being harassed by her lover who was rude to her and that people intervened to support the woman.

I had a case where a stranger was taken care of by strangers who had been fed. I know I miss infinite when trees are cut down and slums are razed, but in this world that becomes tremendously violent and indifferent, love and empathy stories are a necessity.

Bombay. I have always liked this city. This is the city I call home. That is the positive city that I defend. I understand all the challenges facing the city, but at heart, it is a precious heart. They say, Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion. I agree. Only I tell people I still come from Mumbai.

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