Blue Whale Challenge: Facebook takes on online suicide game

At a time when suicide reports linked to the challenge of the game Blue Whale Internet emit shock waves across the country, Facebook said Friday that it was working with suicide prevention partners to collect sentences, hashtags and names of groups associated with online challenges that promote self-suicide or suicide.
“We provide resources to people who seek these terms on Facebook,” said the social media giant.
It is said that the challenge of the blue whale Game psychologically causes players who engage in bold and self-destructive tasks for 50 days before finally taking the “winner” of suicide.
Facebook said it also removes content that violates our community rules, which do not allow the promotion of self-injury or suicide.
Beginning of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, Facebook said it would also suit people in India with information about support groups and tools for suicide prevention in News Feed.
“Facebook is a place where people connect and share, and one of the things we’ve learned from mental health and the academic partners we’ve been working with is that being connected is a protective factor suicide prevention, “said Ankhi Das, Facebook’s public policy director in India, South and Central Asia.
Additional resources on suicide prevention and on-line wellness will also be added to its security center, Facebook said.
With these resources, people can access tools to resolve online conflicts, help a friend who expresses suicidal thoughts, or who receives resources if they are going through a difficult time.
“We are deeply concerned about the security and the millions of people in India who use Facebook to communicate with those who care and acknowledge that there is an opportunity with these tools and resources to connect someone who struggles with a person who already has a relationship with it, “Das said.
The Facebook Security Center also offers advice to parents, teenagers, educators and law enforcement officials to initiate an online security conversation with localized resources and videos available.
People can also come to Facebook when they see something that makes them fear the well-being of a friend.
“We have teams working around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking at the reports that come in and giving priority to the most serious reports, such as suicide. For those who contact us, we suggest a suggested text to facilitate the conversation. with his friend in need, “Facebook said.
“We provide the friend who has expressed suicidal thoughts with information about local helplines, as well as other advice and resources,” he added.

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