Gangster’s death sparks violence, 1 dead

Gangster’s death sparks violence, 1 dead

An indefinite curfew was held on Thursday by the Sanvrad people in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan, following the outbreak of large-scale violence in which one person was killed and 25 others injured.

Thousands of people gathered in the village to pay homage to GaNgStEr Anandpal Singh, who died in a meeting with the police on June 24

The situation in the area remains tense as protesters demanded a CBI investigation into the death of Anandpal.

Interior Minister Gulab Chand Kataria rejected the petition by saying that police had followed the Supreme Court’s instructions at the meeting for Malasar in Churu district and members of the gangsters’ family could go to court if they believed It was wrong.

Late Thursday, members of the Rajput community who had kept the body in an Anandpal freezer house for almost three weeks after the post-mortem agreed to cremer after the arrest of some leaders.

Police said the curfew relaxed Sanvrad for an hour to facilitate cremation.

Rajput leaders, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, Gūḍha Ranveer Singh and Sukhdev, who led the uprising in the village, were arrested with 200 people, while the leadership of Shri Rajput Sabha, Giriraj Singh and Mahipal Singh, were arrested in Jaipur.

Members of the community were asked to organize a march to the state capital.

During Wednesday’s violence, Haryana’s Lalchand Sharma died in the conflict between the police and the crowd of demonstrators.

The mob attacked the police with rocks, snatched weapons and set fire to a police vehicle.

Nine police and three civilians, seriously wounded, were admitted to the public hospital of Sawai Man Singh in Jaipur.

Hospital spokesman S. S. Yadav said two of the wounded were taken to the intensive care unit after surgery Thursday.

The government has banned Internet services in many parts of the districts of Nagaur, Churu, and Sikar Bikaner in order to prevent the spread of rumors in social networks.

Fake videos, messages and images have become viral in web applications since the Anandpal meeting.

The access roads State of the bus began to move in the Nagaur district on Thursday night after a two-day break, while the railways have canceled the Ratangarh-Sardarshahar train partially canceled the Jodhpur-Hisar train and deviated another three After protesters damaged the trail through Sanvrad.f

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