Gau raksha and the lynch mobs

Gau raksha and the lynch mobs

Is violence by gaukrak a problem in India? If so, what can we do to solve it?

The non-profit website journalism IndiaSpend data reported that 97%
The raksha violence came after the Modi government came to power. Once trade unions led by the BJP and state governments have begun to support the beef ban, the murders began. The facts are quite clear. Let’s see what happened in India in recent weeks.

Jharkhand June 27: Milk producer Usman Ansari was beaten by a mob of 100 men and part of his house burned, after seeing a dead cow being seen outside his house. The attackers also threw stones at the police, injuring 50.

West Bengal, 24 June: building of three Muslims were beaten to death by a mob, allegedly to steal the cows. Three people have been arrested so far and a murder case has been reported.

Haryana, June 22: Junaid Khan, fifteen, was stabbed inside a train. According to the survivors, at least 20 people were involved in the attack. The police arrested one.

Maharashtra, May 26: Two Muslim meat traders were attacked by a surveillance team the cow is suspected to have beef. The video footage of the incident showed that the men were slapped, mistreated and forced to say “Jai Sri Ram”. Nine men were arrested. However, traders also face criminal charges for “insulting” religious sentiments.

Assam on April 30, two Muslim men were lynched by a suspected mob robbery. A murder case has been registered but no one has been arrested.

Rajasthan, 1 April, five Muslim men were attacked by a mob and another died two days later. The crowd accuses him of being cow smugglers. Following the assassination, the Interior Minister of Rajasthan in a statement that appeared to justify the killing, said that Khan belonged to a family of cow smugglers. Three people were arrested.

After the lynching of Jharkhand on June 27, the Indians demonstrated throughout the country to say that these deaths occur under the protection of the government and must be stopped. Modi tweeted a few days later:

“There is no place for violence in India. Let’s create an India that would make Gandhi Ji proud.” It has a video of two minutes and 16 seconds. A speech on the slaughter of cows gave Modi in Gujarat on June 29 A minute and 45 seconds, in which Modi praises raksha gauk.

In the last 30 seconds, violence is spoken, but only murder is unacceptable. Of course it is and you do not need the prime minister to tell us, but why does this happen and what will do to stop it. The problem can be included in the priorities revealed in the video.

While Modi and the BJP will push the waffles, India will produce rakshaks in relief. But there is another problem: his refusal to accept that his actions have a common angle. Meat and leather are the occupations of Muslims and Dalits. These are the communities that have become vulnerable because of gaukrak and deny that it is hypocrisy.

After the latest assassination in Jharkhand, the union minister, Venkaiah Naidu, said that it should not be linked to religion. However, the data show that Naidu is wrong. It is related to religion if it is alone, or mainly to Muslims who are attacked and killed by the gaukrak pogrom.

Congress does not have a real position on this issue and voted in favor of gaukk in Gujarat. Party individuals attacked the government.

After Modi’s speech, former Union Minister, P Chidambaram said. “One day, the Prime Minister warned gau rakshaks, Alimuddun was lynched Obviously, lynching does not fear PM.” He added that the PM warned left rakshaks and crowds to Lynch … Well … tell the country how it will fulfill its mandate.

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