Hong Kong residents march to defend freedom as China’s president draws a ‘red line’

Hong Kong residents march to defend freedom as China’s president draws a ‘red line’

HONG KONG – The deserts of Hong Kong residents have crossed rivers in defense of their liberation heads, in front of a dock that is considered a threat from mainland China, accuracy two years after the transfer of British rule.

The central government authority or the authorities, the central government authority, or the authorities of the central government, or the authorities of the central government. National la souveraineté.

According to the terms of the 1997 transfer, China is a promise to accord Hong Kong to high degree of autonomy to less than 50 years, more Xi a principle that was important to have a “correct understanding” of the relationship between a country And Two systems

Carrie Lam. “Un pays est comme les racines d’un arbre”, at-il déclaré à l’élite de Hong Kong. “The concept of a country, two systems for an advanced future and everything to carry and defend national sovereignty”.
Beaucoup de gens à Hong Kong at the accus of the Chine of violating the autonomy du territoire in 2015 in cinq cinq éditeurs qui publieient des livres de poterie sur direcgeants chinois et les distribuers sur le continent.

Certains are particularly concerned with the intervention of Beijing in order to disqualify the pro-indépendants who have not yet managed the office of the année dernière. Beaucoup de gens s’inquiètent d’une érosion régulière de la liberté de la presse, et dans une gamme de zones, Chine est de plus en plus déterminée à appeler les tirs.

Further, I pointed out that the defenders of Pekin’s authority were not authoritative.

“All attempts to endanger the security and safety of China, central government power and regulatory authority of the Hong Kong administrative region or use Hong Kong for infiltration activities or De sabotage contre le continent, Est un acte qui traverse The ligne rouge et est absolument inadmissible “, At-il dit.

More of this message does not look good on the streets of Hong Kong. Organizers have stated that more than 60 000 people eat together in the annual product market,
“Il menace les gens de Hong Kong, disante il le pouvoir de nous faire faire ce qu’il veut,” an avowed Anson Woo, an étudiant of 19 ans. “In addition to the gens autour de moi aujourd’hui, the gens of Hong Kong will be touted to provide such nous estimons.”

A sondage réalisé par l’Universite chinoise de Hong Kong montre that gens attachent encore plus d’évaluation à l’indépendance judiciaire et à la liberté de la presse qui au développement économique. Toute notion selon laquelle The Hong Kong in tant that ville ne becomes gagnant de l’argent n’est plus exacte.

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