Mumbai: Vikhroli school staff humiliate 25 students, give them forced haircuts

Mumbai: Vikhroli school staff humiliate 25 students, give them forced haircuts

The director, teacher of physical training and assistant of the office of the Vikhroli school decided to teach a group of 25 students a lesson Friday for not following the prescribed haircut.

They keep children sunk and pieces of hair cut as punishment. The three were reserved for children subjected to cruelty and wounding two after horrified parents approached the Vikhroli police station.

Physical Education Teacher Milind Zanake and Office Assistant Tushhar Gore Physical Training Teacher and Office Assistant Tushhar Zanake Milind Gore
Students Kamal Vasudev Vayakule Nagar Vikhroli’s English Middle School Days was invited to celebrate a short harvest.

However, his son and school principal, Ganesh Bata (40), and physical education teacher Milind Zanake (33) and assistant clerk Tushhar Gore (32) decided to implement the directive cruelly and traumatically.

After classes began yesterday, they established 25-30 Std V-VII students who wore hair longer than prescribed and cut their locks. To get more humiliating, they cut the hair unevenly.

Two of the students have even suffered head injuries. The students were so mortified that they did not stop crying for hours and tried to hide their uneven haircut.

According to Amit Pawar, a student’s father of Std V Ganesh grabbed the students’ heads and Zanake’s hands, while Gore took a pair of scissors in his hair. “The children cried, but they had no mercy. My son came home traumatized.”

Police said many parents rushed to school, looking for an explanation, but the management refused even to complain. The sources said that only after the clamor Dashrath (82) agreed to meet with them.

The school would have resisted taking action against the wandering staff, who encouraged parents to go to Vikhroli police. “We had no choice but to involve the police,” Pawar said.
The police enrolled Ganesha Zanake and Gore in sections 324 (voluntarily injured by weapons or dangerous means), 335 (causing serious injury voluntarily to provocation) and 34 (acts performed by several persons in the sense of common intention) of the Code And Section 75 (cruelty to children entrusted by the custodian) of the Juvenile Justice System Act. Zanake and Gore were immediately arrested, but Ganesh fled.

Sridhar Hanchate, chief inspector, Vikhroli police station, said the FIR was filed on the basis of Pawar’s complaint. “A search for the school principal has been launched. The other two will be produced before the court on Saturday.”

During their investigation, police found that two traumatized students had also suffered head injuries, probably one of the pair of scissors.
Vicky Dhanwde, the father of another student assigned, said his son was too afraid to go to school now. “We just want the most stringent measures against staff.”

Dashrath said he was not a party to cruelty. “I went to school and asked that students have very short hair. I even wrote in the school newspaper. I had no idea that my order would be carried out this way.”

He said he had apologized to the parents and an investigation would be established on the matter. “We have never had such an incident in 29 years that the school functioned. According to the research report, the most stringent measures will be taken.”

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