#NotInMyName:’Protest against hatred, not any community’

#NotInMyName:’Protest against hatred, not any community’

MUMBAI: Amid a protest against the lynching of the crowd, including that of a 19-year-old Muslim boy now, last week, hundreds of Mumbaikars gathered and showed their solidarity with Carter Road, walking in Bandra on Wednesday challenging the forts Rain
While actor Mohommed Ali Shah led the protests in Mumbai, social activist Saira Shah Halim led the protests in Calcutta. Former vice chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University lieutenant general (retired) Zameer Uddin Shah supported the movement.

Mohommed Ali Shah told TOI: “I wanted to protest and support the people we are here today to protest against the murder of lynching and brutality on behalf of religion ..

Personally, I protested against killings in the name of religion, whether lynching the minority community or in general. “Not in my name” for me has a broader meaning. I condemn and protest, even murder that ISIS has done in the name of religion.

ISIS is not an Islamic group, but it is a simple terrorist group and terror has no religion. I am proud to say that with my other Mumbaikars, we have gotten a lot of support.

Despite heavy rains in Mumbai, people came in large numbers and chose to protest against the killing and lynching of their innocent fellow citizens. I consider it as a protest against the hatred and brutal murder of our brothers and sisters. ”

In a statement Friday, Zameer Uddin Shah, former Rector of the Muslim University of Aligarh, said it was encouraging “to see majority community support for minority siblings.”

I saw these events with concern for a while, but had not reacted as if it were in the “government service.” “I deliberately wrote my full name, because in the military, I am universally known as” Zoom “Shah. No one was talking about my religion.

It was a private business between me and my creator. We are a country of “salad”. I refer to India as a dish, because minorities are incorporated as components of a salad, but not assimilated.

In the salad, you can still identify carrots and cucumber peas. Similarly, minorities are proud to retain their religion, ethnicity, language and love important to their country.

It is time for the government to speak out against these atrocities and to reduce the damage. They should not let you escape from control. “The general is a veteran of the 1971 battle and Longewala multiple insoucitions afflicting our country.

Saira Shah Halim led the protests in Calcutta, where thousands of people came to support the cause. She said: “Today, I feel proud of our majority community and especially our country.

We stand together to show the world that the heinous crimes committed in our name do not represent us. There are rotten apples everywhere. We are not the crowd lynchers who commit communal violence on our behalf. Do not label us.

We are one, and therefore incidents like this and all those related to murder, rape or lynching are condemned and treated with severity, regardless of the community that does. This is not a struggle of one community in relation to the other, but a struggle to kill hatred.

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