Petition submitted against Irom’s marriage

Petition submitted against Irom’s marriage

In the next 24 hours rights activist Irom Sharmila man filing the documents for his wedding with the sub-registration office here, a local activist filed a petition against it.

Ms. Sharmila and her British partner Desmond Coutinho sent the papers for their wedding at the sub-Wednesday registration office. A 30-day notice has been served since your marriage may be registered under the Special Marriage Act.

V. Mahendran, social activist Pethuparai, sent a request to the Deputy Secretary Thursday morning in protest against the marriage proposal Ms. Sharmila and asking the government to ban her permission.

“When I met Irom Sharmila Kodaikanal during his visit to Bodhi Zendo near Perumal Malai, he said that he had come to Kodaikanal to lead a peaceful life. I received then, because he was a renowned activist,” he said in the petition.

The sources said that M. Mahendran was one of the first to receive Ms. Sharmila and honored him with a shawl when she entered Kodaikanal.

However, he changed his mind after that, in a recent television interview, hinted that he would move his voice in support of the hill tribes.

In addition, his British girlfriend, Mr. Coutinho was responsible for a website committed to activists from around the world. M. Mahendran cited threats to peace in the Kodaikanal hills.

A tourist paradise

Many foreign and Indian tourists come to Kodaikanal to enjoy their holidays, as it offers a quiet, safe and quiet place. If the government gave permission for their marriage, they would definitely settle in Kodaikanal, said the activist.

Therefore, the Deputy Secretary should not grant permission for his marriage, taking into account the interest of the people and security of Kodaikanal, has insisted.

M. Mahendran said the Hindu who constantly monitored Ms. Sharmila would carry a charge to the police. If he sat on the street for tribal rights, it would become an international problem, he said.

Meanwhile, the police would have informed the registry officials of the intimate before authorizing their marriage.

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