Rains lash Mumbai, adjoining areas; suburban services delayed

Rains lash Mumbai, adjoining areas; suburban services delayed

MUMBAI: After a brief drizzle last in the two days, the heavy rains Azoto the city and the adjacent areas in the vicinity Saturday by trains services of the back morning roads that central affect of trains.

According to an official the control of the room of management of the BMC disaster has despite the incessant rains, there is no adverse incident reported in the metropolis during the last 24 hours.

Despite heavy rains in the felling caused the water in some areas Zion and the area Hindmata in Dadar in the city, which does not affect the circulation of vehicles mainly, they said.
However, the commuter trains of the central line, and the port of CR were Saturday morning.

Central One of the trains PRO K Singh said “The services in central suburbs are trains end 10 minutes ago But people are running that regularly, there were no major inconveniences the passengers caused.”

In the last 24 hours Mumbai neighborhood and surrounding areas received more rainfall than in the city of the island.

“Between yesterday 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in actuality the weather stations at the Colaba Santacruz Observatory recorded there are 7 mm 93.2 mm precipitation, respectively,” said the authorities.

Another Civic Corps official said that the city received an average rainfall this month, which facilitates water misfortunes.
I said that the actions in seven years that supply water to the city have affected to the level of higher in this occasion in comparison with the last three years.

“This means that the basin received decent precipitation in the last few days,” I said and added that the balance of water in the lakes was 4.5 lakh million of liters, on June 30 this year, so it was 1.09 Lakh Millions of liters in 2016 has 3.5 lakh in 2015 ml, respectively.

Meanwhile, some rain Mumbaikars enjoyed the end of the week and took social networks to express their joy.
So some of them hung green shots around them, went with a few photos before hot tee cup coffee and morning in good weather.

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