Right and the not-so-Right of lynchings and hatred wrecking India: Political culture defining brand of malice

Right and the not-so-Right of lynchings and hatred wrecking India: Political culture defining brand of malice

Businesses are hostile environments. Ask women who are afraid to walk alone at night, girls who are sold to prostitution or children who are sexually abused in government-run shelters.

Man is evil. In the Republic, it can be lynched by a journalist on television or a crowd in the streets and trains. In Coimbatore, H Farook’s Muslim youth was killed by a mob of lynchistes Muslims being atheists.

Soldiers returning on trains that can mock Katu (circumcised as a Muslim). If companies were not hostile, they did not allumerions the police to fight evil that resides in human character.

The institution of the family is the main carrier of hatred. If you were born into a Muslim family, the Koran teaches you, check and kill the mushrikin, kafirs, infidels and idolaters.

If you are a Hindu family you have pre-decided which breed you belong to. You are Hindu because you are born into a Hindu family, not because you learned from the Hindu values ​​that try to serve humanity.

The cow is not sacred; It is sacred because it has just inherited Hindu sperm parents. The spermums also religion. Humanity can go to hell.

In Islam, jihad can only be controlled by the government with a caliphate. As the Caliphate does not exist, say the Jihadists, all Muslims can take up arms.

As the ancestors of Muslims dominated India for nearly a thousand years, young Hindus believe that Hindus should take up arms for a Hindu rashtra. It is not enough that Hindus and to rule India because they are insufficiently secular and Hindu Muslims declare themselves to be insufficient Muslims by the clerics.

Ram Madhav called “culture semitisation” – My name is Abraham Hindutva. Hindutva, who claims to be the plural ethics of Sanatana Dharma, was good, but in the past. For now, the Hindu scriptures are not relevant.

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Hindu complaints are legitimate. It is true that Islam protects minorities, but only when it is in power – when non-Muslims register second-class status in an Islamic state.

The jihad of love is real, because in most Hindu and Muslim marriages it is the Hindu who converts to Islam; Young Muslims is a coward who does not convert to using his love. The hatred of Muslims who run the Hindus was born by Islamic clerics and nurtured by theological Hindus. The Supreme Court says Hindutva is a way of life; But so is religion, so is theology.
In the early days of Islam, the bloody policy to capture power after the death of Prophet Muhammad rose in theology, the division of Muslims between Sunnis and Shiites. In India, culture becomes a Hindu or Hindu theology Hindu that legitimizes the lynching of Muslims eating beef.

In the authority of the Hindu right writers, there is sufficient evidence to note that in Vedic times, cows were sacrificed both to eat and to carry yajñas. Islamic clerics were then encouraged by the slaughter of cows in India, especially to deceive Hindu sentiments.

Both positively and negatively, the Hindu is a common identity; A Muslim is a common construction. If you are Hindu or Muslim, you are not an evolved human being, no matter how many vedas you have memorized, because you do not see yourself as a human being.

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