Supreme Court refuses urgent hearing to Justice CS Karnan seeking bail

Supreme Court refuses urgent hearing to Justice CS Karnan seeking bail

The Supreme Court refused to grant an urgent hearing on a former Calcutta Superior Court judge’s ruling, Justice CS Karnan, demanding the release on bail and withdrawal of the condemnation order.

Karnan, who was arrested on June 20 under the apex court’s judgment that granted him a six-month prison sentence for contempt of court, requested an urgent list of his motion to set bail and annulment of his sentence.

“An oral request against the sentence will not be accepted,” said a judge made by Chief Justice JS Khehar and Justice DY Chandrachud.

Lawyer Nedumpara Mathews J, who represents the Karnan Justice, said that he had served the prison sentence and his application should be heard urgently.

On June 21, an apex court vacation bank had refused to hear the statement of the former high court trial judge saying that he “can not cancel” the order of seven judges ‘judgment in’ matter.
Karnan, 62, who retired on 12 June as a High Court judge in Calcutta, was arrested on 20 June by the CID of West Bengal. He was in Coimbatore on May 9, when the highest court convicted him for contempt of court and sentenced him to six months in prison.

Karnan has the dubious distinction of being the first trial judge to be sentenced to prison by the apex court and also the first to retreat as a fugitive.

A court of seven Supreme Court justices headed by Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India JS Khehar ordered the director general of the West Bengal police on May 9, with the judge on duty immediately.

Despite several attempts, Karnan failed to get a relief holiday bank from the apex court refused to hear his request for a ruling on his sentence.

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