What is the best way to crack the GATE exam?

To open the door, the most important things are:

You must believe in yourself!
You must have a deep interest in engineering!
You must have a burning desire to get there!
You must understand Hardwork> lucky (or IQ).
The Aptitude Test Engineer Diploma (GATE) is considered one of the most competitive exams after UPSC and JEE in India. It is used as a merit of admission to various master’s programs in ITI and NTI. As there are individual records for each discipline, competition is lower compared to JEE, but still intense as some PSUs (and other companies) recruit on the basis of GATE scores.

Contrary to popular opinion, GATE is a simple test. I see a lot of hype created by people training center and demotivated students who have already failed a lot of students every year. This is a sad thing when you know what the test is designed to really test.

The GATE test only: Are you a good engineer?

If your answer is yes, there is no reason to fear. Otherwise, get ready to work all this year to put the crazy efforts to learn the basics of all the basic courses. For example, for EE they are: Electrical Systems, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, and Analog Circuits, Digital Power Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Power Electronics, Mathematics, Engineering, Measuring Instruments and Electromagnetism. All the basic courses and the detailed program are available on the official website of the door.

It is not easy. And the GATE exam is not a joke. But I would say that you appreciate the process, if you focus on the right path: the goal of being a good engineer, and everything will be fine! People just score well in the door (or any other similar test) and loses focus on building technical skills in the process. The results are, of course, disturbing. If you point to a good career in engineering, you should be able to overcome many obstacles that come in the future and the door is just a small step in this journey, dear friend.

Anyway, here are some of the things that should guide you through the preparations:

Of course, all the learning and preparation of undergraduate engineering studies of 4 years weighs a lot to get the right foundations! Therefore, you might have already started preparing their college time without even realizing it.
Students generally prefer high score in each half and most often leaves poor roots each course. For second and third year students, no additional preparation is required. Just learn something beyond “pass their exams” or “score good grades” would be great! If one of the foundations is in place, it is much easier to perform well in the door.
If you are still in college, then do not forget to attend all classes in the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the semester. Because first that most teachers explain the basics and applications of the course offered.
If fundamentals are weak, the day spend an hour or two in the morning to understand the “concepts” or “how things really work” on any topic would be extremely helpful.
Have curiosity pay-off! There are many things they do not teach at university, but you need to know the interest. For example, how many electrical engineers know how a fluorescent lamp converts the stored energy of electrons into lighting?

How many engineers know the correct size of a key is used to change a flat tire with a spare part? How many electronic engineers open their own mobile phones? O How many computer engineers are opening their own lappy and upgrading RAM?
If you have the time and money, you can join the training centers. But hey, first of all, I do not think it takes to score points in this test. And on the other hand, you will write the test not! This is a personal opinion, by the way.
Study your own booklets or books you have already read for the preparation of 50 final semester exams. This saves a lot of time in examining questions.
Do not run behind to remember the formulas. If its concepts are through, you should be able to deduce the necessary formula in case of need. But yes, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic equations.
Ideally, one should start preparing a year in advance to understand the concepts. Detailed preparations can be managed in the last 4 to 6 months.
Tips for testing:

Stay calm. Meditate just before

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